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Great Grandfather Isidor Thornschein, 1942, Old Broadway Synagogue 30th Anniversary Dinner

As a third generation American of Jewish and Irish descent, the grandson of an Everlast Hall of Fame prizefighter, Marcus recognized his family legacy and leadership calling at a young age. His great grandfather served as the president of the historic Old Broadway Synagogue, NY in the 1940’s helping lead its revitalization. Marcus spent his childhood excelling in sports as an athlete growing up in South and Central Florida. His family values of relentless determination, faith, and generosity continue to make a distinguishing mark on his life and leadership.

Grandfather Samuel Stern (left), 1927

During his undergrad at Southeastern University, Marcus dedicated himself to community service and advocacy in Central Florida. He volunteered for AmeriCorps, held leadership roles, led 25 different community programs in Central Florida, launched leadership and mentoring initiatives targeting at-risk youth, food distribution programs, and collegiate volunteer programs. Many of the nonprofits and social ventures he helped launch are still operating today.

In 2001, Marcus became Director of Student Life at Southeastern University, which included leading the University Transition Taskforce during a time when Southeastern was one of the nation’s fastest growing private universities with over $50 million in campus renovation projects. For 5 years, Marcus helped lead the rapid growth of the department and establish leadership culture on campus.

Upon completing his M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University in 2005, Marcus began working directly with for-profit and nonprofit organizations, providing organizational development consulting. This gave him the opportunity to serve under some of the nation’s top major gift fundraisers. Marcus began learning and implementing various strategies for nonprofits to create unprecedented funding models by generating alternative sources of revenue. This is where his expertise in organizational development, combined with major gifts fundraising, gave Marcus a unique strategic perspective to tackle problems as a social entrepreneur. These new strategies and diverse revenue models created a measurable and sustainable impact that took his mission to see lives and communities transformed to a new level.

Marcus Speaking at United Way (2016)

In 2007, Marcus founded MHStern Consulting, a boutique firm that provides organizational development, strategic initiatives and comprehensive major gift fundraising to clients globally. Today Marcus leads MH Stern Consulting, bringing his 25+ years of leadership experience and a team of seasoned experts to help leaders and organizations build, equip, and fund their mission.

Throughout his distinguished career, Marcus bolstered a diverse range of initiatives:

  • Regional Director of North America for the Jerusalem Institute of Justice helping secure major gifts (2009-2011).
  • Faculty member with the National Development Institute (2011-2013).
  • Served as Chief Development Officer for one of the world’s leading faith-based digital content distributors.
  • Launched international funding projects and secured philanthropic capital for initiatives in 27 different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.
  • Launched an investment initiative in the Southeast United States that helps nonprofits acquire single-family residential properties to diversify revenue and provide affordable housing to communities. The initiative also provides disaster mitigation investing to communities affected by hurricanes and natural disasters in the Southeast United States.
  • Co-founded an organization that uses a proprietary technology to connect people globally in real-time through digital content (2017).
  • Founded a real estate software helping  investors identify off-market properties (2021).

Clean Water Initiative Africa (2006)

As a social entrepreneur, Marcus aims to provide solutions to affordable housing, community service, at-risk youth programming and the overall growth of NGO and charitable organizations globally. In 2016, Marcus co-founded a technology group that develops leading technology solutions using customized CRM platforms, multichannel marketing and custom app and software development for clients. Through technology, strategic consulting, real estate initiatives, sustainable fundraising and revenue models, Marcus leads, develops and funds transformation around the world.




Raised for NGOs globally

160 Million

Number of people Marcus reached globally through digital marketing initiatives

25 Years

Experience working with nonprofits on strategy, organizational development, and major gift fundraising


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The year Marcus completed the AmeriCorps program


Student leaders trained for community service under Marcus’ leadership


Number of single/multifamily real estate transactions Marcus has participated in


The number of student community programs Marcus led in college


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National ranking as fastest growing private university in the U.S. during Marcus’ leadership at Southeastern University


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